The MacLean Project

The Dougie MacLean 'Big Band'

The perfect weave of sensitivity and power - from fragile moments and subtle harmonies to rousing choruses and lively instrumentals.The MacLean Project LiveThe MacLean Project involves some of the very best of Scotland's musicians with Dougie MacLean on vocals, guitar, fiddle and digeridoo, Jamie MacLean, who plays drums and percussion and has produced his father's last three albums, as well as father and son Gordon Maclean (bass, vocals) and Sorren Maclean (acoustic guitar, vocals); Ross Ainslie (whistles, pipes, mandocello); Chris Marra (electric & acoustic guitar, vocals); Laura Beth Salter (mandolin, vocals); Pete Garnett (accordion, harmonium); Hannah Fisher (fiddle, vocals) and Gary Ebdy (extraordinary lighting!).The MacLean Project