Saturday Special June 12th - Tonight at 9pm (UK time)!!...Dougie MacLean - LIVE 90 (One Hour Special Concert Stream from Butterstone, Scotland) GET TICKETS NOW!!

wild poppy strip1wCan’t believe we’ve reached 90 concerts!! … so we can carry on celebrating and looking forward to reaching Live 100! Our totally and undeniably ‘live’ regular concerts from the Old Schoolhouse have been going since March 21st 2020…. since then we have provided at least 3 free concerts and since August have had one 60 minute ticketed concert per month which is a longer Special Concert …and a way for those who enjoy Dougie’s music to say thanks! We’ve got a wonderful list of requested songs, Dougie’s inimitable storytelling plus two wonderful new films and a great set of tunes. This is made all the more memorable tonight by the ’special appearance’ of a new fiddle, made by Perthshire maker Christie Johnston and played by Dougie. It will be the first time this lovely instrument has ever been played in public…and Dougie is looking forward to introducing it. With all this in store make sure you buy your ticket from

Spread the word to friends and family about Live 90. The global family is still growing and we’ve had reports of folk watching the concerts in so many situations …sometimes outside on phones, ipads and laptops.. in gardens, pubs or campsites and even while out on a walk!! …many more in the comfort of their home on a big or small screen. We’re always interested in where you’re viewing and what country you’re in …so please let us know.

This concert will only be able to be viewed once you have purchased a ticket (£12 per ticket…approx $US16…which can be viewed by a full household!). Instructions are on the homepage. If you have already purchased a ticket make sure you have located your confirmation email with the link and passcode all ready. You can ask questions or get help only by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. But please remember that after 8pm (UK time) I will also be busy with preparing and running the concert!

Remember you can leave comments in the new CHAT on the live concert portal or under the Live 90 Facebook post (which we will add at 8.50pm).
Ticket holders can also watch Live 90 ‘on demand’ until Friday 18th June…and if you have missed the live concert you can purchase tickets until then.

Keep looking after yourselves and each other and keep cheery!
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For anyone who has missed some or all of previous ‘free of charge’ concerts…you can find them:
on Dougie’s FaceBook
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May 2021 Newsletter - Dougie Maclean Live 86 & Perthshire Amber News

For anyone who missed receiving our May 2021 Newsletter you can read it here...but links unfortunately won't work so you'll need to copy them and paste into your browser. You can pop your email address in to subscribe to receive the next newsletter at the top left of this page ...Dougie MacLean Live 86 and Perthshire Amber news1w 

Dougie MacLean Live 86 and Perthshire Amber news2w 

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Perthshire Amber Festival 2021 - latest news 12/05/2021

Perthshire Amber Festival Logo Orangew Perthshire Amber Festival Logo Orangew Perthshire Amber Festival Logo Orangew Perthshire Amber Festival Logo Orangew 

Our Perthshire Amber Festival is not happening in 2021...

After lots of deep and sometimes painful thought and consideration we have to announce that tickets will not be going on sale for our Perthshire Amber Festival 2021. There are just too many uncertainties surrounding the global pandemic, international travel, social distancing, availability of event insurance etc etc for us to proceed with planning the event.

Since our very first Perthshire Amber Weekend in 2005 we have loved welcoming to Perthshire ‘festival-goers’ from all over Scotland, from all parts of the UK and from all corners of the world! The music has always been wonderful, the venues and scenery always amazing and the general feeling of friendship and family has always been memorable.

We would really like our charity effort for The Cyrenians, “Perthshire Amber - The Big Knit”, to happen online again as it did in 2020. We raised over £2,200 from everyone’s efforts for those who really need it. If you would like to contribute some special hand knitted items (kiddies toys, gloves, hats, scarves, and rugs were really popular last year!) for a truly good cause…email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let me know. If the enthusiasm and support is out there…. It will happen!

Similarly if the enthusiasm for our Live Streamed Concerts from the Old Schoolhouse is maintained until the autumn then we may schedule something very special for the weekend that would have been our festival weekend (November 5 -7)…a celebration that can be enjoyed by our growing global family! Anyone who has known Dougie and I for any length of time (since the days of Event in a Tent, Stanley Hill Sundays, through MacLean Real Music Bar at The Taybank, Rural Image, Clunie Concerts…) will know that we keep coming up with new ways to share the music!! … we will share any news of this if plans develop.

This year we just feel it’s important for us all to stay as safe and well as we can, gradually enjoy the live music concert experience as the global pandemic recedes … and meanwhile keep enjoying and supporting our efforts to share the music from our home base in Butterstone via the wonders of our world wide web!!

Warm regards to you all from Jenny and Dougie MacLean