Pabay Mor

Music and Lyrics by Dougie MacLean
Published by Limetree Arts and Music (MCPS and PRS UK)

When first he rounded Pabay Mor
And met the mountain waves alone
Ther was fear til there was fear no more
Wild Atlantic son
He learned her gentle he learned her strong
Til he could feel her every heaving breath
And he knew that he could do no wrong
Wild Atlantic son

On the shoulders of the ocean
On the bare back of the sea
Held in her eternal motion
Someone to carry me

Well the tide rolls dark round Gallen Head
And the wind has nowhere left to turn
And the broken rocks the sea will bleed
Wild Atlantic son
And there she sleeps and there she roars
And the moment surging foul becomes
It's a force to steal the sailor's life
Wild Atlantic son


When first he left the west Loch Roag
In gentle calm and suset fill
With wandered eyes he dreamed so still
Wild Atlantic son