Saturday April 6th 2024. There will NOT be a Dougie MacLean - Live Stream Concert TONIGHT … as Dougie is performing in the Lanark Memorial Theatre.

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I’ll try and post some photos on Facebook in the concert interval and I’m sure some members of the Global Choir will be there who’ll share some news as well. 
We’ll be back with Live 217 next Saturday night at the usual time!

Keep looking after yourselves and each other and have a lovely week! 



For anyone who wants to tune in to a previous concert for some more music…you can find them all (apart from the Ticketed Concerts): 
on Dougie’s FaceBook page
on YouTube

And on Vimeo

Enjoy some tiny new floral friends that have appeared in the Butterstone garden this morning! For those in can still get tickets (for tonight's Lanark concert) here Or phone the BOX OFFICE: Tel: 01555 667999 
The Tattiefaces look forward to next week (Saturday 13th April) as well!
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