Fourth Anniversary Special (Live 215) TONIGHT! Saturday March 23rd 2024 at 9pm (UK time)!!...Dougie MacLean - LIVE 215 (One Hour Special Concert Stream from Butterstone, Scotland)

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This month’s Special One Hour Concert celebrates the Fourth Anniversary of the beginning of our Live Streamed Concerts! ... we can’t believe it’s four years since the very first concert on March 20th 2020 at the start of lockdown during the pandemic. We hope that as we reach the end of our FOURTH year of weekly broadcasts from the Old Schoolhouse they are still providing pleasure, continuity and company. Tickets are available NOW from ….
If you can't manage tonight (or want to view it again...) the Fourth Anniversary Concert will be available on demand for ticket holders until Friday 29th March at midnight (UK time)…so you need to get your ticket and start viewing by 10.30pm (UK time)!!

Wherever you are in the world and whatever time of day it is …you can tune in on phone, tablet, laptop or big smart tv for our celebration … a full hour of great songs and stories (and a Dougie film and maybe even a a wee tune!) at 9pm (UK time) … so get your ticket now!

This concert will only be able to be viewed once you have purchased a ticket (£12 per ticket…approx $US16…which can be viewed by a full household!). Instructions are on the homepage. If you have already purchased a ticket make sure you have located your confirmation email with the link and passcode all ready. You can ask questions or get help only by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. up til 8.00pm on the night (UK time). After that I will be busy with preparing and running the concert!
Remember you can leave comments in the CHAT on the live concert portal or under the Live 210 Facebook post (which we will add at 8.50pm). Tickets are on sale now and are available only from

Keep looking after yourselves and each other and keep cheery!
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