Saturday October 28th - Tonight at 9pm (UK time)!!...Dougie MacLean - LIVE 199C (Wee Concert Stream from Butterstone, Scotland) FREE OF CHARGE

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Rain ! Rain Rain!….all week at Butterstone. But still there are some lovely flowers and autumn colours. Come and join us for another wee concert tonight from Butterstone BUT what we would really like is for EVERYONE who enjoys our regular free wee concerts to dig deep and buy a MegaStream Live 200 ticket from …then you can join us from afar at Shades of Amber 2023 next weekend! Wherever YOU are in the world and whatever time of day it is …you can tune in on phone, tablet, laptop or big smart tv!! It’s another step in the Live Stream Saga…and we would like you all to join the adventure!
Meanwhile enjoy Dougie live for 30 minutes of songs and stories tonight (free of charge) at 9pm (UK time).….or you can watch it later if you prefer and please take a minute and share this to spread this post to friends and family (if you think they would enjoy the music). Keep looking after yourselves and each other!

If you have any issues viewing the show tonight on Facebook you could try watching live on Youtube or Vimeo instead. We will post the direct links just before the show starts on Dougie’s Facebook page 
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For anyone who has missed previous concerts … you can find them all (apart from the Ticketed Concerts):
on Dougie’s FaceBook page
And on YouTube
And on Vimeo

Get your tickets for the Shades of Amber 2023 MegaStream (Ticketed) Event (November 3-5)… Dougie MacLean - Live 200 from