GARDEN VALLEY CONCERTS ... first one at Cardney Steading! Saturday March 26, 2022

GARDEN VALLEY CONCERTS … an adventure for those who want to join Dougie’s global audience as part of a limited sized ticketed audience in specially selected venues in Scotland.
Our first Garden Valley Concert will be Dougie MacLean - Live 129 in the beautifully atmospheric Old Mill at Cardney Steading on Saturday 26th March, 2022.

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The audience will be limited in size and the concert will begin at our usual Dougie MacLean - Live time of 9pm (UK time). Garden Valley Tickets for actual seats for Dougie MacLean - Live 129 are on sale from our online store. BUY TICKETS HERE 

First here’s the Dougie MacLean - Live Story so far
A brief history…..
We had the first broadcast of our wee live concerts from the Old Schoolhouse in Butterstone on March 21st 2020 when lock-down (due to the Covid 19 epidemic ) began for us in Scotland. We broadcast free concerts every second night for 30 concerts, then twice a week til concert Live 40…and since then weekly. There have since been over almost three million views of the free of charge’ concerts via Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube from almost 60 different counties and we know from messages and emails that Dougie’s music and stories are still really helping so many to cope with the unusual, challenging and sometimes frightening times. In August 2020 we developed further the great weekly connection we’d made with our global audience. A ticketed concert once a month (the other Saturdays remained 30 mins and free of charge) has helped us to continue and develop sharing the music. On a few occasions, once travel was allowed, we broadcast from the Old Farmhouse on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis!

So it's always been experimental ... and is still a part of life's adventure as we continue to emerge from lockdown and restrictions! To (on occasion) link our ever growing global audience for the special ticketed concerts with a limited sized audience ‘on the ground’ could mean that those visiting Scotland at different times of the year can book a ticket for what they have experienced from afar! We will do our best to make sure that each venue is welcoming, and very ’special’ in some way.

Covid 19.
To start with here's some of the information from the venue re the latest Covid 19 situation in Scotland regarding events as well as parking at the venue ...

"From the 21st of March 2022, we are delighted that events are able to go ahead in our venue with very little Covid restrictions. We do however suggest that you continue to Lateral Flow before and after attending any event at Cardney Steading. We cannot enforce the wearing of masks however would indeed recommend that you wear one if it makes your visit to Cardney more enjoyable and continue to wash your hands regularly. Hand Sanitisation stations continue to be in place throughout the venue.

Directions and Car Parking
Cardney Estate,
Butterstone, Dunkeld,
Perth, PH8 0EY
Coming from Dunkeld take the A923 for 3.5 miles. You will see Cardney Estate entrance on left.
Ample on-site car parking is provided. With hard packing, beautiful paving and contoured landscaping the entire site is wheelchair and mobility friendly.
Overnight parking available on request.
Should you wish to leave the car at home please remember to pre-book your taxi as the local companies can be in high demand on a Saturday evening. For more information on accommodation in the area and Taxi companies visit the Cardney website 

Campervan Parking
Campervans  are welcome for ticket holders only for the night of the concert…however there are no hook-ups or toilet facilities for campervans so the campervan would need to be completely self sufficient…with its own toilet, wash up and cooking facilities.
Also, we would need  confirmation emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  in advance from any ticketholder wishing to stay overnight in a campervan … with the following information:
- name of ticket holder
- make/model of campervan and registration number
- mobile number where we can reach you.

Times and Catering
Cardney Steading open from 6.30pm.
We want you to enjoy your visit to the Cardney Steading …it’s a lovely setting and you can go for a nice walk before the concert if you fancy. To add to the whole experience we have invited a specialist food truck to join us for the evening! “Mangiamo” - serve fresh & authentic, woodfired Neapolitan style pizza. All their pizzas are individually hand-stretched, topped with fresh ingredients and cooked in front of guests and they offer both vegetarian and vegan options for guests to purchase.
Also the Cardney bar will be open from 6.30pm with lots of great beers and spirits … and also teas and coffees and soft drinks and bar snacks.
 pizza menu
pizza and oven pizza pepperoni pizza vetarian 
hand rollw set upw

Concert Times
Doors to the Old Mill venue open at 8.30pm.
Audience seated by 8.50pm
Dougie’s intro to concert at 8.55pm and the concert starts at 9pm.
The concert will finish by 10.30pm and the bar will be open til 11pm.

Do not get the two kinds of tickets confused!
The tickets for actual seats (£25.00 per ticket) for Dougie MacLean - Live 129 at Cardney Steading are on sale now from  
The tickets for our global audience (£12.00 per ticket) for the Dougie MacLean - Live 129 Concert (Live Stream from Cardney Steading) will as usual be on sale at from Monday 28th February.