More Fool I

Music and Lyrics by Dougie MacLean
Published by Limetree Arts and Music (MCPS and PRS UK)

Mary is on her own again
She's been crying now and no one seems to listen
Oh and she was hoping I might come around
To see why she's been missing

There were no answers she had to run and hide
As she crawled around the shadows I could still see her
And oh it really tore me up inside
To watch her get so near

And where do I go from here
Where do I change
Am I waiting for something
Or has it just passed me by
More fool I

In a moment she faded from us all
And I know that love was all she ever needed
And oh we never thought that she would fall
Or cry the way that she did

And when I wonder, got to close my eyes
And when I close my eyes I really have got to wonder
Oh why the hell did I not realise
That she was slipping under